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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A-Z Blog Hop: Xipe Totec

Xipe Totec was worshipped by the Aztecs and their enemies as a god of penitence. Like many gods, he had both a good side and bad side. He is known as the flayed one because he flays his own skin to give food to humanity. This represents a seed losing its outer shell after germination. He is also a vampiric entity known as the night drinker who sucks the blood out of the souls of the dead who do not do the penance.

Mask associated with Xipe Totec

Xipe Totec is also a known trickster god. There’s at least one in every pantheon. And like most tricksters, his tricks have a harsh lesson. Once her came to a village disguised as a prophet. He told the people that their sins had manifested as a dragon that lurked outside of town and ensorcelled people. He convinced the town to bind the dragon and throw it over a cliff. He led the people to the illusionary dragon he had created. They bound it and took it to a cliff. However, when they tried to hurl from the cliff, Xipe Totec tricked their eyes and they fell to their deaths.

Who are some of your favorite Trickster gods?

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