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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Demons and Devils: A Demon Hunter's Point of View #UF

From the journals of Gabriella Di Luca (translated to English):

February, 1532
Padre Ricci suggests I study the origins of the infernal to better understand the enemies we face. He also says it may help overcome the sorrow of my loss. I will never forget, now will I ever forgive. With the good padre’s approval I have been given access to the libraries of the Vatican. I have come across several differences between “demons” and “devils.” There seems to be a distinct difference between the two. I must research more to discover it. Once I know, I can determine which Allegra was a be more prepared when I face her again.

June 1533
I have studied the works of St. Thomas Aquinas as well as several other scholars. Though there is conjecture this what I was able to piece together:

When the Holy Lord created angels, he gave them free will, for how could a being truly love if they were forced to? Most of the Heavenly Host chose to follow, but others rebelled. Led by Lucifer, the rebels tried to rise above the Holy Lord. The war between the angels began. The rebels lost and were thrown from Heaven, forsaken by the Holy lord. They were known as the Fallen. These rebels became the devils we know now. I need to find out how this happened.

November 1536
The poor padre has passed away and I have faced my first devil, with poor results. Still, the devil Ose was banished. I have continued my research and found more on what happened to the Fallen and how they became devils.

Lucifer led the Fallen though the Eclipse, the spirit world that surrounds the material one we exist in, to a place that existed opposite of Heaven. Lucifer created the first Throne, with himself as king, however, not all of the Fallen wish to continue to follow him. Six of the most powerful erected their own Thrones and fought amongst each other to be supreme. None were able to rise above the Lightbringer. So, the Thrones fell into place and Hell was created. Over time, the Fallen became corrupted, falling more into their original sin and became devils. The Thrones themselves came to symbolize those sins. Pride belonging to Lucifer, Greed to Mammon, Lust to Naamah, Envy to Belphegor, Gluttony to Beelzebub, Wrath to Azazel, and Sloth to Astaroth (or Astarte? Not sure there seems to be conjecture about the name.)

The Thrones grew in numbers in the form of demons. The origin of demons is up for debate. Some say demons were the spirits existing in the Eclipse, old gods. Others say the demons are the souls of humans fallen to sin. It is known that demons are the children of devils and they continue to grow in number.

After my encounter with Ose, I’ve come to believe that Allegra is a demon. Though what she did to me could very well make her a demon, though I don’t think it was entirely hers. I think she channeled it from her mistress in the Throne of Lust. What this means for my curse, I’m not certain yet.

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