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Friday, April 26, 2013

A-Z Blog Hop: Watchers

For N, I talked about the Nephilim. Today I will speak of their fathers, the Watchers. They were angels, the “children of heaven” who watched over mankind. They saw the beautiful daughters of man and desired them.  They decided to take them as wives; however their leader, Semyaza, was afraid he would alone be held accountable for their sin. The 200 angels swear an oath, binding them all together.

So, the Watcher descended from heaven and took the women. Not only did they create the Nephilim, but they also taught secret arts to mankind such as medicine, incantations, and knowledge of plants and herbs. Azazel, one of the most famous Watchers, taught alchemy, jewelry making, and  the art of making weapons of war.

Sin and corruption spread across the world. The archangels saw this and petitioned God to take action. So, God declared he would wipe the Earth clean with a flood. He ordered the archangel Raphael to bind Azazel and throw him in the darkness. Raphael did this and tossed him in a hole in the desert. God told Gabriel to destroy the Nephilim. He instructed Michael to tell Semyaza of the Watchers impending punishment, where they will be bound beneath rocks for 70 generations until the Day of Judgment.

MASTER OF THE REBEL ANGELS Fall of the Rebel Angels, early 1300s
Picture By carulmare

The Watchers begged the prophet Enoch to speak on their behalf, they begged for forgiveness. Though he warns the Watchers their petition will not be heard, he tried anyway. God refuseed the Watchers and said their children shall be called evil spirits. He told Enoch to inform the watches that they rejected Heaven and shall have no peace.

If you haven’t, you should read some stories of Azazel. They are pretty interesting. The Hebrews would send a goat into the desert, laden with the sins of the people, as a sacrifice for him. It’s where the term scapegoat comes from.

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  1. Fantastic. I have been doing demons for my whole A to Z bloghop and I mentioned these guys. Great to see them get more coverage!