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Monday, April 22, 2013

A-Z Blog Hop: Sefer Raziel

The angel Raziel stands on the peak of Mount Horeb (where the Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God) and proclaims the mystical secrets to humankind. According to lore, the he created the first book ever written. The Sefer Raziel is made of sapphire or “angel’s tears” and is one of the most important texts on angel magic. It reveals secrets and mysteries of creation, including the wisdom of the 72 letters of the name of God and its 670 esoteric mysteries, and 1,500 keys, which were not even given to the angels. It also contains information on the five names of the human soul, the seven hells, the divisions of the Garden of Eden and the types of angels and spirits that have dominion over things in the world. Jealous angels coveted the Sefer Raziel and many thefts were attempted.

An excerpt of the Sefer Raziel

In actuality, it is believed that the Sefer Raziel was written in the 13th century by different anonymous writers. The Jewish mystic Eleazar of Worms was believed to be one of them. In the Middle Ages, the book was highly revered and it was believed that mere possession of it would prevent fire. By the 19th century, there were 25 editions of it, though probably not in sapphire.

So you know of any old occult texts? Heh, can you tell me where I can get a hold of them, especially ones I precious gems?


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