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Monday, January 19, 2015

#Fantasy Author Feature: Jeri Smith

Hello! My name is Jeri Smith, known now in the writing world as J.R. Smith. Allow me to introduce to you my debut novel - a project that has been in the works since 2008. It is entitled Fate’s Crossing (The Black Blood Legacies #1). It is a three part series that follows Liana Scott and Sean Stevens through their journey to either secure the worldly balance or to postpone the inevitable. It hit me upside the head one day in October 2008 and just begged to be written down. I felt like I was losing my mind it was bothering me so bad. This is why Liana feels like she is losing her mind in the beginning until everything is explained. I thought it would be an interesting way to manifest my writing process directly in the series. BBL started off as something quite different and upon merging it with another side project, it took off like fire and became what you see today. Part 2, the complications, The Midnight Trial should hopefully be out by the end of 2015 with part 3 Full Circle coming by the end of the next year (2016).

In the precise moment that she stepped on a plane from Tulsa, OK to Los Angeles, CA, Liana Scott’s race against her own fate began. Bombarded with disembodied voices, lucid dreams and waking visions, Liana, 24, finds herself feeling like she is losing her mind. When she crosses paths with Sean Stevens, 26, and is put under his protection, her reality swiftly changes from civilian to the next possible martyr. Sponsored by her friends and family and seemingly reliving a past not her own, she must fulfill an ancient prophecy and go on a worldly journey in order to see it through. First, Sean and his fellow members of The Order Faction must make sure she is ready for the task ahead. Preparing the Valten and keeping her safe is only phase one of a three-part tale. Only one thing has the ability to condemn this mission to failure: the ultimate star-crossed love.

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  1. Thanks very much Noree! I know the book isn't really considered paranormal in and of itself, but there are some elements to the series that fall in that direction. :) I'd like to review one of your books one of these days (Maybe when I have my M.F.A in my hand...)

    1. Thanks Jeri. I updated it to fantasy if that works better.