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Monday, January 26, 2015

#Paranormal Author Feature: Debbie Herbert

Thanks letting me visit with your readers today Noree! I decided to share some of the most asked questions I get.

Why do you write about mermaids?

I see mermaids as symbols of feminine beauty and strength. My theory is that even (or especially) young girls are drawn to the whole idea of mermaids because archetypically they represent power balanced with maidenly grace. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be a beautiful mermaid playing with dolphins all day long? I’ve always loved the ocean and beaches and as a child fantasized about what magic might lay deep beneath the water.

What books have been published?

So far two of my four books contracted with Harlequin have been published.

Siren’s Secret: In the dark waters of an Alabama bayou, two deadly secrets collide. A mermaid witnesses a serial killer disposing the body of his latest victim. He can’t afford to let her live to tell the tale. She can’t afford to let a human reveal her true identity.

With each becoming the hunter and the hunted, a lethal game ensues.

Caught in the middle is the sheriff who suspects his girlfriend is keeping secrets and knows something about the killer terrorizing the bayou he’s sworn to protect.

Siren’s Treasure: Takes up the story of Shelly’s cousin Jet, and is scheduled to be released this fall by Harlequin Nocturne. In many ways, Jet is the opposite of Shelly. She’s physically strong and mentally tough but nevertheless, has a hidden vulnerability that’s exposed when her ex-boyfriend pirate is released from prison and returns to the bayou.

It’s The Hunt for Red October meets Southern Gothic.

Book Three of the series, Siren’s Call, will be Lily’s story. Lily is the mysterious siren who enchants men with her voice . . . until she meets the one man impervious to her charms. This book will be released in 2015.

What are the five best things about being a writer?

a. The flexible hours

b. The sloppy – er – casual work attire

c. Satisfaction of creative expression

d. It’s exciting – you never know what might show up in the next email from a reader or editor or agent. 

What scene did you have the most fun writing?

In SIREN’S TREASURE, I have a scene where the main character, a shape-shifting mermaid named Jet, is swimming with a captive dolphin and discovers why the dolphin has been so sick.

Tell us about yourself

I’m a paranormal romance writer, mermaid lover and college football fanatic (Roll Tide!) I live in the Deep South, have been happily married for over three decades and have two grown sons. I truly believe love is magical, pizza and diet Coke are dietary staples, and that cats are the coolest creatures roaming the planet.

Thanks for letting me visit! Readers – what is your favorite paranormal romance character and why? I’m giving away a free Kindle copy of either SIREN’S SECRET or SIREN’S TREASURE to one commenter. USA only.


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  1. Thanks for letting me drop by today, Noree. I'd love to give away a free Kindle copy of Siren's Treasure to a commenter. Just comment below on whether or not you've ever read a mermaid book!

  2. I read many fairytales about Mermaids when I was little but don't remember the Titles. It's about time I read about a grownup mermaid.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. These books are a good place to start!