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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Secret Worlds: Hunted by AJ Colby

Secret Worlds
Limited edition paranormal romance boxed set featuring 21 USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors in one sizzling collection. With twenty-one stories and over one million enchanting words of fiction, this paranormal romance boxed set will keep you spellbound. Dive into Secret Worlds you never knew existed and into the arms of heroes who will steal your heart and leave you hot.

Available for only $0.99 June 29th - August 31st.


HUNTED (Riley Cray #1)
You thought your ex was a nightmare... Eight years after the attack that changed her life forever, Riley Cray is confronted with something she never thought she’d have to face again: Samson Reed, the werewolf who nearly killed her, has escaped from prison and is headed to Colorado to finish what he started.
With the help of Special Agent Darius Holbrook, Riley is racing against time to stay one step ahead of the crazed werewolf. But Reed isn’t the only monster with his eyes on Riley and as the bodies are piling up she’s beginning to wonder how long it will be before she’s one of them.

Vampires, werewolves, and serial killers, OH MY!

Secret Worlds is available now for preorder through Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks, and don't forget to check it out on Goodreads. Also, join us online on June 29th and enter for your chance to win one of 70 prizes up for grabs at our Facebook Party, including multiple gift cards ranging from $5-$100 or a Kindle Fire! And the prizes just keep coming! Be sure to join the party for your chance to win and learn more about the additional prizes we have coming down the pipeline!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Secret Worlds: Ruby's Fire by Catherine Stine

Announcing an exciting new box set that I am a part of!
From twenty-one USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors
Secret Worlds - A Steamy paranormal romance box set
Only 99 cents!
Limited Edition. Sale ends soon.
(Complete full-length books, no frustrating cliffhangers)

is a best-selling box set of spicy paranormal reads brought to you by USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors! With twenty-one stories and over a million enchanting words of fiction, this box set will keep you spellbound! Dive through Secret Worlds and into the arms of heroes who will steal your heart and leave you hot.

Whether you love paranormal romance that warms you up or sets you on fire, this box set will have something to entice your preternatural sensibilities. Supernaturally thrilling and engaging, this set has it all: ghosts, vamps, mind-readers, shape-shifters, demons, faeries, beautiful hybrid creatures and more. 

For a limited time you can enjoy all of these stories, including ones slated for the big screen!!! When purchased separately, these books would cost over $50! But they are yours for less than $1. Get yours before this limited time deal ends!

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Summary of Ruby's Fire, my award-winning novel in Secret Worlds:

“Eighteen year-old Ruby and her little brother Thorn, have only known a life blighted by the extremist Fireseed Cult. The night Ruby is set to be claimed by one of its cruelest and oldest leaders, she makes a bid for freedom. With Thorn in tow, she stumbles into the world beyond, and finds an opportunity for a fresh start in Skull’s Wrath under the guidance of Nevada Pilgrim, a woman who may not be all she seems. Ruby's new life could bring her friendship, love, even fortune, but nothing comes without a price. Is Ruby's talent for elixirs keeping the roof over their heads, or do some of her associates have a more sinister and lucrative interest in them? Life outside a strange cult isn't without its dangers, and the experience leaves Ruby transformed and communing with the Fireseed more closely than she ever would have imagined. Stine delivers a thrilling adventure led by an exciting cast of characters, and the romance is really well handled.” - YA’s The Word  
***Ruby’s Fire was a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Awards*** 

Praise for Ruby's Fire:
“Romance, betrayal, secrets, great world-building!” - Seeing Night Reviews
“Full of creativity, imagination & original concepts” - Fluttereal Flight
“Ruby kicked butt as the resident healer, plus good love triangle!” - Amazon reader
You know when you get a book and it's much better than you thought it was going to be? Ruby's Fire was definitely one of those books! I absolutely loved it. What an amazing plot! Also, there's a fantastic twist I didn't see coming.” - (Mis) Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year-Old Girl
“I can't even begin to tell you how smoothly the writing flows. It's perfect. No joke. I went into this book not knowing what to expect and what I got was an amazing storyline.” - Words Create Scenes

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Secret Worlds: The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

Secret Worlds Boxed Set
I'm very excited to be included with 20 other USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors in the Secret Worlds Boxed Set. Many of you are probably already familiar with my included title, THE FOREVER GIRL, but for those who aren't, here's the full blurb.
Beautiful blonde with dandelions

The Forever Girl

At twenty-two, practicing Wiccan Sophia Parsons is scratching out a living waiting tables in her Rocky Mountain hometown, a pariah after a string of unsolved murders with only one thing in common: her.
Sophia can imagine lots of ways to improve her life, but she'd settle for just getting rid of the buzzing noise in her head. When the spell she casts goes wrong, the static turns into voices. Her personal demons get company, and the newcomers are dangerous.
One of them is a man named Charles, who Sophia falls for despite her better judgment. He has connections that might help her unveil the mystery surrounding her ancestor's hanging, but she gets more than she bargains for when she finally decides to trust him.
The Forever Girl has been optioned for film and published internationally by Harlequin in Germany (now HarperCollins of Germany) and IPC Books of Hungary. It has nearly 500 Amazon reviews. Normally you can purchase my book alone for $3.99, however, for this summer only (and the pre-order period leading up to this summer) you can snag a copy of this title WITH 20 OTHER ADDITIONAL TITLES all in 1 Boxed Set for $0.99! That comes out to less than a nickel per book! You can learn more about the boxed set HERE or you can order your copy on AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo, or iBooks. While you're here, though, why not take a moment to learn more about the complete line up! I've included a super short blurb of every title in the collection. Some are not yet available and being introduced exclusively through the boxed set, but ALL of the titles are professionally edited and not a single one ends on a cliffhanger!

The Secret Worlds LIMITED EDITION Collection!

From USA Today Bestselling Authors
Taken by the Beast by Conner Kressley and Rebecca Hamilton: Women are going missing. Women who look a lot like Charisse. And the man this beauty is falling for may be the beast responsible.
The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton: Sophia's ancestor's body went missing during the Salem Witch Trials, and the only one able to help solve the mystery is a shapeshifter Sophia is afraid to trust. Summoned by Rainy Kaye: Dimitri can't reveal the paranormal bond controlling him, and Syd won't tolerate his secrets. Purgatory by Susan Stec: A sex-hungry myth with no name, no flesh, and no identity ...unless it wears one of you. The Pandora Principle by Noree Cosper: As a descendant of Pandora, Cassi must discover if her lover is one of the evil spirits she hunts before all her friends die. Heart Song by Samantha LaFantasie: When incredibly handsome Marren frees Relena, there's a catch.   From Amazon Bestselling Authors Changeling by Debbie Herbert: As a changeling and a witch work together to restore order in Fairy, they discover that love, like magic, casts its own spell of enchantment. Shiftless by Aimee Easterling: After years of suppressing her inner predator, Terra meets a shifter who forces her to reclaim her wilder side. The Black Parade by Kyoko M.: Poltergeist Michael is the key to saving Jordan's soul from hell, but can she handle the cost of her salvation? Haunting Echoes by Caethes Faron: Will Amaia's vampire clan kill her ex-fiance before she learns whether he returned from the grave for love or revenge? Braving Fate by Linsey Hall: Diana and Cadan fight demonic forces and a deadly passion that has lasted centuries. Trinity Rising by J.E. Taylor: Damian and Naomi are desperate for victory against the devil, but one wrong step couldtrigger Armageddon. Moonlight by Katie Salidas: Good girls don't wear fur, fight over men, or run around naked, howling at the moon. But Fallon's not a good girl. Lash by L.G. Castillo: Lash, a fallen angel, must choose where to place his trust--in a home he fought so hard to regain or in a forbidden love he can't bear to lose. Between by Lisa Swallow: Alek could kill Rose with a kiss. Finn, with a touch. Pulled into an intense affair with Alek, Rose discovers her connection to Finn threatens them all. The Devil's Fool by Rachel McClellan: When vampire Boaz gives Eve the one thing she never had--love--she falls into a world of greed and seduction. Spark Rising by Kate Corcino: A runaway Spark and the agent arresting her ignite a revolution to end their people's enslavement while resisting the electricity between them.
Ruby's Fire by Catherine Stine: On the run from a desert cult, Ruby must choose which handsome stranger to trust with her heart and her darkest secret: Armonk or Blane.
Cursed by Lucy Leroux: Governess Isobel Sterling has been hiding an uncanny ability her whole life--until she has to use it to save herself from a madman. Hunted by A.J. Colby: With Agent Holbrook's help, Riley races time to stay ahead of a crazed werewolf killer. Vigilant by Angel Lawson: Ari stumbles into a world of crime and vigilantism while discovering the one man that sets her heart on fire.

$0.99 PreOrder Price Guarantee

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | iBooks

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Friday, April 24, 2015

#FirstChapterFriday! The Pandora Principle

Welcome to the first ever First Chapter Friday, a day for peeking behind the scenes at some of your favorite authors and seeing their writing process. On this blog hop you have a chance to win some rare prizes from some awesome authors, a signed copy of the first chapter posted. Details will be posted below. I've been deep in my layer working on The Pandora Principle that will be part of the the Secret Worlds Box set. This is still in final edits so it counts as a WIP.

The Pandora Principle
Chapter One
“I’m not going.”
I carefully lowered the mascara brush from near my eye lash to avoid black nose and glanced at my roommate Serenity. She stood in the doorway of our bathroom with her arms crossed in over her Dallas Cowboys t-shirt. Despite the fact the team hadn’t won a SuperBowl in almost two decades, she still clung to her fandom. She always did love an underdog. Her mahogany hair cascaded over her shoulders in a tumbled mess. Her tanned legs were bare except for the pajama shorts she wore. Her brown eyes were narrow at me and her jaw was set with her pouty lips pressed together.
“You have to.” I widened my eyes and gave her a pleading expression. “You can’t just abandon me with all those tech heads. I’ll have no idea what they are talking about.”
Her rich, husky chuckled bounced off the blue tile walls “You’ll be fine, Cassi.”
“No, I won’t. This project is a chance that we can have something classish together.”
“Classish? Is that even a word?”
“I’m a writer. I can make words up.” I waved my hand dismissively. “Besides, you’re avoiding. Why now? You were so excited about this.”
“That’s before I realized Mercer Chaplin would be overseeing this.”
I sighed and my insides tingled just at the thought of his picture. “That was a surprise. A good one. You can get some guidance from one of the Social Media geniuses of our age.”
“That’s more of what you want,” Serenity said. “I’d be fine without anything from him.”
“Why not? He’s fascinating. Only twenty-nine and he’s one of the biggest names in the industry. This is our chance to get some bonus points before we get thrown out into the world.”
“I don’t want bonus points from him.”

“What about the other two companies?” I tugged on her arm. “Come on, this is your chance to show the world your talent. I’ll bet you’ll be running this project by the end.”
Serenity smirked. “Not with Mercer there. He doesn’t let anyone steal the spotlight. Probably why he’s the only representative for three companies.”
“What so you have against him?”
She shook her head. “You’ve seen the interviews. He’s an arrogant asshole.”
“So is the football team here. They don’t stop you from doing what you want.”
“If they were in charge, they might.”
I sighed and let my head droop. “I was really looking forward to this. It won’t be the same without you. Would you really leave me alone?”
Serenity raised an eyebrow. “This won’t work.”
I crossed my arms. “I don’t see what you are worried about. This this is so big, I doubt Mercer will have much time to spare more than a few words for either of us.”
“You have no idea.”
“Are you really willing to give up the intern credit just because you hate him? This was something you’ve been dreaming of since our sophomore year.” I shook my head. “Seems kind of stupid to me.”
Serenity’s eyes narrowed. Got her. I kept the triumphant smile from my face and gazed at her with the question hanging in the air between us. If there was anything Serenity hated in the world, it was being called stupid.
“Fine,” she grumbled.
I grinned and bounced on the balls of my feet. “Good. Now hurry up and get ready. We’re going to be late.”
“Don’t hog the bathroom,” she called as she hurried to her bedroom.
I finished applying my mascara and took a brush to the mass of red hair until it hung in a silky sheet down my back. A kiss of fire, an old boyfriend had called me. Little had he known how much of a role fire had played in my life. I sat the brush down with a click that echoed through the bathroom. No, it had played with my old life, not here and not now. Once I’d graduated, my family would swoop in to pull me back into their world filled with flame and myth. Until then, I planned to enjoy every minute of college life I had left. My hazel changed to amber as I smacked my lips, now glittery with gloss, and grinned into the mirror. Something was beginning today. I could feel it.
“What are you doing still playing around in the bathroom?”
Serenity stopped outside the door, now filly dressed in jeans and a t-shirt that read “Nerd Girls are Sexy.” I grinned at her and sprinted to the door, grabbing my keys along the way. We hopped into my car and took off to the University. The auditorium had all but filled up by the time we arrived. We squeezed past a couple of guys leaning against the back wall. I sighed. It looked like we’d have to stand for the presentation.
The lights dimmed around us and the hum of hundreds of voices died away. A girl walked across the stage in a tan, pencil skirt and high pumps. I blinked in surprise. I knew Sheridan from a few of the classes we both attended. We’d both gravitated on the edges of each other’s social circles. Still, I would have thought she would mentioned to everyone she knew that she’d been named spokesperson of this little project. She tossed her blond hair off her shoulder and straightened the note cards on the podium. She smiled as she leaned forward to speak into the microphone.
“Good morning, everyone.” She flashed a dazzling smile to the crowd. “This is an amazing turnout. I didn’t even think we had this many people sign up.”
A chuckled traveled through the crowd. The truth was, not even a quarter of the audience was participating. The application process had been stringent and last for almost two years when Nerida University had first announced it. The board had chosen only the brightest to represent the college. Luckily, I had been one considered one of those. The rest had come to catch a glimpse of Mercer Chaplin.
 “I know all of you are looking forward to embarking on this adventure as much as I am.” Sheridan continued. “So, without much further ado, I’ll introduce our guest and head of the Proprius Project. As the CEO of the Instafriend network, Mr. Chaplin is an inspiration to all of us. Let’s give him a round of applause.”
The music the played over the speakers mixed with the cheers the filled the room. He walked across the stage like he owned it. The gigantic screen above the stage pasted his face for even us in the nosebleed section to see. His black hair was pulled back into a neat pony tail that brushed the top of his shirt collar. The suit he wore sat on his athletic body in just the perfect way. He flashed his straight, white teeth at the audience as he took the podium.
“Nerida University,” he said. “This is quite a greeting.”
The cheers grew even more deafening and he raised a hand up. The noise settled to a low murmur. He cleared his throat and he grinned as his gaze traveled up the tiers of the auditorium.
“It’s great to see you’re all excited about this project like I am.”
Serenity snorted and crossed her arms. I elbowed her. I didn’t know what her problem with Mercer was, but she’s wasn’t going to waste my ogling time with snide sounds.
“Imagine a world where people could travel the world, become anything they wanted all from the convenience of their own homes.” He chuckled. “Sounds like a wild dream, huh?”
I laughed along with the crowd. That kind of talk usually belonged in science fiction stories. Then again, my family belonged in something out of fantasy.
“What if I told you this is entirely possible, and you’re going to create it?”
Murmurs traveled through the crowd. Serenity leaned forward, her rebellious posture gone. The screen shifted from his face to a two dimensional drawing of a visor connected to wires.
“Virtual Reality is still an untapped resource, and what I believe the next step in technology,” he said. “For the next year you will design and develop the first virtual reality device combined with a social media space that will allow users to connect across the Globe.”
The buzz of the audience echoed through the group. This was not what we had been expecting when we’d applied for the intern project. It was so much better.
“Is this even possible?” I asked Serenity.
She rubbed the back of her neck, but her eyes gleamed. “Oh yeah.”
I smirked at her. “Glad I dragged you here?”
She cut her eyes at me but a smiled hovered on her face. “Depends on if we’re successful.”
I scanned the crowd. “I’m surprised he let people that aren’t part of the project in here.”
She snorted. “He doesn’t care if it gets out. In fact he probably did some of it for the publicity.”
She had a point. Mercer never seemed to try to hide his life to the media. He constantly paraded his latest girlfriend out to different restaurants or shows. The reports had even filmed the entire first date with his last one. She hadn’t seemed to mind, either. Was she here, lapping up luxury at some suite in the Omni while he promised us greatness?
“In the lobby we have lists of the divided groups and your responsibilities. We officially begin next week and the leaders of each group will meet for a Retrospective every two weeks.” He waved to a microphone at the edge of the stage near the stairs. “Before I leave you, the floor is open to a few questions.”
With several burning on my mind, I pushed past the others in the back and sprinted down the aisle to the stairs and front of the microphone. The other students began to fill in behind me with raised eyebrows at my speed. Yes, first!
“Well, we have an eager one,” Mercer’s rich voice filled my ears.

My heart dropped into my stomach as I met his gaze and fell into the deepness of his green eyes. From that point on, I was irrevocably lost.

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Also, check out the other spectacular authors on this Blog Hop!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Secret Worlds: Devils Fool by Rachel McClellan

Secret Worlds Cover
From 21 USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors
Secret Worlds - A Sweet and Spicy Paranormal Romance Box Set
Professionally edited and and Formatted for Quality Assurance.

My NEW novel THE DEVIL'S FOOL is a part of this amazing collection.

  The Devil's Fool Cover with grayThere’s nothing eighteen-year-old Eve can do about her corrupt, power-hungry witch parents who kill at the slightest insult, except vow never to use her own powers, adding to the family evil. But when her father introduces her to Boaz, a powerful vampire who manipulates her by giving her the one thing she’s never had—love, Eve finds herself caught up in a world of greed and seduction, using black magic to harm others purely for enjoyment. Unbeknownst to Eve, however, Boaz’s true desire is to steal her power for himself, and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. After Boaz nearly kills her, Eve finally sees him for the devil he is. Knowing Boaz will never let her go, she enlists the help of the Deific, a secret organization that fights the world’s true monsters, to fake her own death. She learns to use her abilities for good and sets out to make up for all her wrongdoings. But when her past actions catch up to her, the consequences prove deadly. Boaz wants revenge, and he’s not alone. With twenty-one stories and over a million enchanting words of fiction, this paranormal romance boxed set will keep you spellbound.



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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Secret Worlds: Changeling by Debbie Herbert


Secret Worlds Front Cover
Secret Worlds, a best-selling boxed set of spicy paranormal reads, is brought to you by twenty-one USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors!
With twenty-one stories and over a million enchanting words of fiction, this paranormal romance boxed set will keep you spellbound.
Dive through Secret Worlds and into the arms of heroes who will steal your heart and leave you hot.

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Fantasy girl taking magic light in her hands. Mysterious Night s My novel, Changeling, included in the boxed set, is a (full-length) New Adult paranormal romance . . . Somebody is murdering the Pixies. They've been dropping like flies in this small college town. Skye's a teen witch who sucks at spells and is skeptical about the idea of winged Tinker Bells. But strange things have been going on at the metaphysical shop, The Green Fairy, where she works nights: black specks of movement out of the corner of her eye, mysterious buzzing noises, unidentified dragonfly carcasses in the basement, and a hidden cache of absinthe (aka fairy crack). Kheelan is a human changeling. Raised with the fairies, he's viewed as an inferior species whose only use is to serve his kidnappers. He's been totally screwed by the Fae and his only goal in life is freedom. When he meets Skye, he sees an opportunity to escape. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by feelings for this quirky witch. Skye stumbles upon the remains of dead fairies and is approached by Kheelan who has been sent to investigate the pixie murders. Funny thing is--he looks exactly like a part-time employee of the store who has autism. Skye falls for Kheelan, only to discover he's using her to win his freedom. Hard to believe she's really half-fairy and has secret powers when she can never get a spell to work right. But one night, after years of painful backaches from what she thought was scoliosis, Skye discovers a pair of sprouted wings. As Samhain, the witch's Halloween, draws near, she must make a bold move to claim her heritage and power, restore order in the fairy realm, and try to win Kheelan's freedom and love. Absinthe, autism and augury meld into a paranormal cauldron where everything is not what it seems and the fairies are sly tricksters who can trap you in their realm.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Secret Worlds: TRINITY RISING by J.E. Taylor: 1 of 21 books by Bestselling Authors!

SECRET WORLDS available for only 99₵ for a limited time! Get your copy now!

Angels, Demons, Vampires, Shapeshifters & More

With twenty-one stories, including Trinity Rising, and over one million enchanting words of fiction, this limited edition PNR boxed set will keep you spellbound. Dive into Secret Worlds you never knew existed and into the arms of heroes who will steal your heart and leave you hot.

Every title in this set has been edited to quality standards and professionally formatted, and this boxed set is available for just 99 cents—but only for a limited time!

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Mornings are a challenge with Damian being mortal, he instinctively dives for the floor when dawn's light illuminates the bed. The scald of whiskey, and the way Naomi feels, are the only constants which haven't changed. However, his mortal world begins to shine when fatherhood hits his horizon.

Plans for a bright future disintegrate when Lucifer comes to claim their Trinity child, playing dirty by framing Damian for murder. Now, Damian and Naomi are on the run from both Lucifer and the law. They find an ally in a most unlikely source, ex-FBI agent Steve Williams and his family; a family with enough psychic energy to wage a war and realign the universe.

With their new friends as part of the dynamic, Damian and Naomi are desperate for victory against the devil. One wrong step and they could trigger Armageddon, or worse, the hope for our future could fall into Lucifer's greedy grip.

Secret Worlds - A Steamy Paranormal Romance Boxed Set

Ready to Turn Up the Heat?

Whether you love paranormal romance that warms you up or sets you on fire, this boxed set will have something to entice your preternatural sensibilities.

Supernaturally thrilling and engaging, this boxed set has it all: ghosts, vampires, mind-readers, shapeshifters, demons, faeries, werewolves, and more.

For a limited, you can enjoy books from today's USA Today and Amazon Bestselling, including titles that are slated for the big screen!

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