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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hello minions! I have a great opportunity for anyone interested. I plan on releasing A Dose of Brimstone in July 2015 and I am looking for interested ARC Readers.

So first, let me explain what an ARC is:
An ARC is an Advance Reader Copy of the book that is given out for the purpose of reviews. Theses are not the final copy. In most cases the ARC will have been written, revised, and edited, however it has probably not gone through final copy-editing and proofreading. There may be a few mistakes and errors.

So, as I said I'm looking for interested readers who are willing to leave reviews at the release. I will be sending out ARC copies on May 1st. The sign up sheet is HERE.

Here are a few requests I have of my ARC readers:

1. I would like the ARC readers to have previously read A Prescription for Delirium. A Dose of Brimstone is the second book in the series so this make sense, right? To help with this, I'm willing to give out free copies for anyone who hasn't read A Prescription for Delirium who is willing to read it and review. There is a place on the form to respond if you would like a copy I will send those out before May.

2. Be willing to post a review on Amazon the day of release. I will send a email reminder at this time. If possible I love a review posted on Goodreads at any time.

3. An interest in the book. I know, this seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised. This is an Urban Fantasy/Dark Fantasy with a lot of action and a little romance. It is an adult book that contains violence, language, and sex.

Try a little Brimstone to bring out the demon in you.

Gabby thought the brimstone drug was destroyed. However, now a multitude of demons plague New York, and from the look of their scaly skin, the drug has taken hold of the Big Apple. When Gabby finally uncovers the mastermind behind it all, she realizes this battle won't be easily won. Faust is unlike any demon Gabby has seen before, capable of possessing multiple entities at once; he’s even manipulated a corporation of vampires into spreading their own version of brimstone. If Gabby and the Van Helsing Organization don't put an end to Faust's plan, it'll soon be Hell on Earth.

One again, the signup form is HERE for anyone interested. :)

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