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Monday, February 23, 2015

#UrbanFantasy Author Feature: Katherine Scruggs

Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you to an up and coming release!

The Lost Princess of Celraeyin
The Lost Princess of Celraeyin is an Urban Fantasy debut novel. Talya Collins is an average seventeen year old girl living in Denver, Colorado. One night she bumps into a handsome stranger who changes her entire life. After what seems like the best few days of her life, she is taken to a strange land known as Celraeyin.Talya discovers that the stranger, Casimir, and his twin brother Archer are not what they seem and neither is she. She is thrust into a world of magic, love, and faeries. She embarks on an adventure of self discovery where she faces a choice that could change her life forever. Talya’s world is turned completely upside down from the series of events that take place over the course of her time in Celraeyin. All seems peaceful she is faced with many dangers in her new life, including death threats from a neighboring kingdom. Amidst these threats the truth of her former life and love begins to come to light. When a battle of epic proportion threatens the Kingdom of Celraeyin Talya must choose whether to step up and accept her new role or return to her mortal life and leave her newfound life to ruin.

The faeries of Celraeyin mostly resemble the traditional “fair folk.” The can blend into the mortal world but they have an etheral beauty about them, as well as supernatural powers. They are beautiful but deadly creatures.

Talya is a faerie who was sent to live in the mortal world, they took all of her memories and placed her with a family entrusted to take care of her. She is completely unaware of her former life. This book is a perfect example of a girl discovering herself and becoming a woman, with a fantasy twist. She undertakes epic journeys,fights for her life, and becomes stronger despite everything that is thrown her way.

Coming March 15, 2015.

About the author:
Katherine Scruggs is a stay at home mother of two. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English and writes adult fantasy.
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