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Monday, February 9, 2015

#Paranormal Author Feature: L. Bachman

Writer Realness

L. Bachman

As a writer I've been asked and heard of many questions and sayings. I've caught myself asking and saying them as well, but for those who are unaware, you may not truly understand the trueness behind them, so I decided to help you beloved readers and curious minds out by compiling a list of sayings, questions, or randomness that have passed over a writer’s fingertips or that has been asked to writers. Please note the satire.

'I need my editor to edit my online conversations.' - You may find yourself chatting up a writer and their conversational skills nose dived right into typo-land. This doesn't mean they write this way; just mean they've become tired or simply stopped caring. Editors are our saving grace and sometimes we just wish our editor would edit our conversations and make them pretty and professional.

'Don't piss me off; I'll kill you in my next book.' - This is way more serious than you originally realized. Writers take inspiration from everything, I do mean everything, and it's been known that writers have used names, physical descriptions, personalities, and even real people within their books whether as a hero, that swoon-worthy boy toy, or even the most vile creature they can come up with.

'I always have a notebook and pen.' - Yes, this too is more real than you'd think. We might type away on a computer to work, but a notepad and pencil is never outside of arm's reach. Some of us will wake in the middle of the night with some nightmare or weird dream inspiring us, hark the saintly notepad! Scribbles, doodles, and random disembodied conversations will be found all over these like a high school teen's crush. Hearts, stick-figures, or whatever it maybe you see we have a complete idea behind it, that stick-figure is an awful werewolf dominant in a world we want to write and you'd never know it. Hey you never know you might even see the initials of beloved characters inside of a heart with an arrow right through it.

'You're so lucky to be published, was it hard?' - YES! So many people have this misconception that writing is easy because a lot of people can put a pen to a piece of paper, but the truth is it is very hard. We're our own worst enemies and writing is an endurance race against a fast approaching deadline. I've lost count how many times I've almost finished a chapter and tossed the entire thing because I didn't like it. If it doesn't 'feel' right it'll be gone quicker than it took to type it up.

'Coffee is a life.' - Tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks, it's not all healthy, but if it can help us stay up just a little bit longer and manage a conversation without a grumpy cat escaping to the forefront we're on it, all about it, and will buy the shirt with a pretty scripted slogan.

'Cover collecting.' - Yup, we've all saw a cover and got excited about who made it, are they open to new clients, have anything for sale, or wondered if we could find someone to reproduce it for our own use. This could be the overall look of the cover to simply a couple used in it. You can see this in action when several books will have a couple featured on it from different authors. Now, that doesn’t mean authors are always doing this, graphic artist too, sometimes it’s merely an appealing picture we came across and happens to fall this way after publication, but sometimes behind the pretty covers is the shame-filled (or even shameless) collecting.

'More than just a writer...' - In the indie and self-publishing world many of us are not just writers. We have other skills, barter them, at times, with other writers, and provide other services. You may meet the writer that also is a marketing genius that provides help through their blog. You will also meet the writer that does the covers for other writers and you can hire them to help you recreate or create something new and beautiful. We're all more than just writers, just in our own ways.

This is just a few and I'm sure there are tons of things floating about in the world of writing.


About L. Bachman:
L. Bachman is a Texas born writer. She currently lives in northern Alabama with her family. She's been writing for over fifteen years. She was honored as a youth with recognition in poetry. Developing her writing skills and her artistic abilities she went on to work with companies supplying art for commercials.

She has contributed to several websites over the years with articles under a few pen names, but now she's known as L. Bachman and in 2014 stepped into the world of self-publishing with a romance novel entitledThen and Now. Despite receiving good reviews, she unpublished the book and canceled the follow up book to begin writing in the thriller fiction genre with a story called Maxwell Demon that will launch her Blasphemer Series.

When not writing, she is spending time with her family, reading, and helping other authors through her indie industry services website providing book covers, interviews, and giving others in the indie industry a platform to voice themselves and their own projects. Helping other authors is a way for her to lend a hand while strongly understanding how hard the industry can be and trying to make it not so difficult for newcomers that are indie or self-publishing.

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