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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wolf Warriors

I have a short story that came out yesterday called "Love and Honor." In honor of that I'm telling a little story about Odin and his wolves.

It is said that when the world was young Odin (or Woden) traveled the world. He grew lonely and created two wolves to travel with him. They were Geri and Freki. The wolves spread their offspring throughout the world as they traveled. This is why there are wolves all over the world. Odin's ravens Hugin (Thought) and Memory (Munin) also traveled with them and acted as scouts.

Odin, being a god of battle as well as wisdom, advised humans to fight like wolves. He admired the way wolves fought together as a team with strength and cunning. (Tangent: Actually if you want to see a good movie with wolves fighting you should check out "The Grey")

The Úlfhéðnar, or wolf warriors took this to heart. They were a group of berserkers who wore wolf pelts and carried spears, howling to meld the spirits with wolves. To be of the Wolf Clan was a great honor as they were described as Odin's special warriors. I have even heard tales of Odin's children who were part human/part wolf that were known for shifting into wolves during battles. Possibly some of the firsts origins of werewolves.

:Love and Honor" is about a modern pack of Odin's wolf warriors. Be sure to check it out in the "Nocturnal Embers" Anthology.


  1. Fun! Just added this anthology to my wishlist. I've always thought that Odin was a fascinating character in mythology. :)