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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Demonic Possession

In “A Prescription for Delirium” demonic possession plays a major role in the story. To help shed some light on this I decided to explain in Gabby’s words what she learned of possession.

From the journal of Gabriella Di Luca (Translated into English):

September, 1529
After hearing my story, Padre Ricci has agreed to take responsibility for me. He explained that the woman was not the demon’s actual form. She was a human the demon had possessed. That’s why she looked so different. Demons do not have actual physical forms. So in order to interact with our world they possess people, or sometimes objects.  The padre says that those strong in faith are harder to possess, but it still happens. He claims that I am especially vulnerable now, as I am deep in my sorrow.

March, 1530
Possession is not practice by demons alone. Other spirits, such as ghosts of angels, can take control of a human as well. So, what is possession? An entity can infuse it’s essence into that of physical being and take control. I have never experienced such a thing myself, thank the Lord. I should find someone who has to get their experience.

April 1534
I have finally found a survivor of possession willing to speak. He was a shepherd who noticed something strange going on with his flock. When he investigated it, the demon possessed him. He described the sensation as being aware what was happening but unable to control his body. All the while, the voice of the demon continued to taunt him. It hurt his family with his own hands to torture him. He felt abandoned by the Lord, his prayers for release unanswered. That is until the padre and I arrived. During the exorcism, he felt a warmth and light surrounding his spirit. He claims to have heard a voice whispering to him, not of the demon, but he cannot remember what words it spoke.

October, 1795
I have found a person who willing allows their body to become possessed. This woman is a medium and Voudun priestess in the New World. She claims that giving her body up to the Loa brings her closer to them. The Loa are the spirits or gods of the religion. I remember some Catholic clergy claiming they’d been filled with the Holy Spirit, but they still remained in control. This I can’t understand. Why would you willingly give up control of yourself to anything?

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  1. What an awesome way to know more of Gabby and the demons. I LOVE it !!!

  2. It's always so fun when a character hijacks an author's blog. Loved seeing Gabby's perspective on demons! I could relate a lot to her in the last entry, since I hate the thought of losing control in any way...

    1. Heh, yeah Gabby like to hijack my head a lot. SHe might as well get on the blog. :) The book came out, by the way, if you want more.

  3. Hey there! I was pleased as soon as I opened up this page of your resource. What was the main reason the moment when you followed the intention to organize a site?

    1. Mostly to write about the things that interest me and to attract readers.