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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jeanne d'Arc: Of Cross and Steel

Jeanne d"Arc, Favored weapon: Her Banner.

Hello lovelies. So, this is actually going to be a series. I’ve connected it to a couple of guest posts that should show up on JessicaFortunato’s blog and Rebecca Hamilton’s blog. These are the strong women of history and myth. Since Gabby has sight powers, I decided to post about Jeanne d’Arc.

Jeanne grew up in Doremy, France. She started having revelations from God when she turned 13. Over a five year period the voices instructed her to lay siege at Orleans. I suspect that during these years they were also teaching her how to do so.

She tried on several occasions to speak with the Dauphin Charles but was refused. Perseverance finally won, because he did eventually agree to see her. He had her tested by the clergy and satisfied by the truth of her abilities he let her lead. OK, can you imagine the weight of that? An 18 year old girl was in charge of the armies assigned to take back Orleans.

And they did.

Orleans became theirs in ONE week. Charles was crowned King of France and he stopped listening to Jeanne’s advice. She continued to battle until she was captured in Burgundy. The Duke of Burgundy held her for a year before turning her over to the English.

They condemned her for witchcraft and heresy. Eventually she confessed and was absolved of her sins as long as she promised not to engage in acts such as wearing men’s clothing (Note to the ladies: According to the bible, wearing pants in an abominations right next to eating shellfish and homosexuality.) Jeanne later relapsed, She was found dressed as a man and listening to the voices again. So, the English burned her as a witch and a heretic. All for pants.

Joking aside, What Jeanne d’Arc accomplished is pretty amazing despite the obstacles she faced. Even the strong have moments of weakness, but they can overcome them.