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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wizard Dresden

So, I'm currently reader the Dresden Files. I know, I'm behind the times and I'm taking a break from my reading challenge. (I've finished two on the Challenge list so far). However, I'm really liking Jim Butcher's series.

First, I love magic in modern times. So, reading about a kick-ass wizard in modern day is like candy for me, especially chocolate. I really connect with Harry, too. Yes he can be a self-righteous prick, but he tries to do what is best for the people he cares about, even if it may kill him. He is very human to me. Plus, I like stories about character with lots of power fighting high powered adversaries.

His monsters are monsters. Yes, they pretend to be human at times, but in the end they don't understand human emotions and some don't care to even try. Harry noted this about Mab, in Summer Knight. I have a problem with a majority of Urban Fantasy humanizing a lot of supernatural creatures as of late. It good to see some books don't follow that trend.

It reminds me a lot of the early Anita Blake books, which I loved in my teenage years. All in all, if you have not read them I highly suggest these books.


  1. His books are the favs in our house! He also did an RPG game based on Dresden.

  2. I listen to audiobooks as a ride my bicycle to work (correct, I am Mr efficient) and recently I listened to Storm Front which is narrated by the actor James Marsters.
    A good voice actor can amplify the drama and tension of a text and Marsters does an excellent job in his role.

    I recommend you try listening to at least one of the books from this series in this form.
    I like to think it gave me an increased perspective on the text.

    Plus it's Spike from Buffy - why wouldn't you want him to read you a book?