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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Of Essus and Moura #amwriting

It's been a while since I posted something good. Lately, in between revising my next book for the VHO series I have been writing a romantic fantasy about a fairy world. Only fairies. Here is a bit of history that I created in the form of a tale.

In the time when the Miasma ravaged the face of Threshold, twisting the Fae into nightmares and turning metal into deadly iron, the Bel appeared. Where she walked, the chaos abated, and the corruption was cured. She turned iron into emeralds. Tales of her spread throughout the land, and soon many joined her on her trek. Thus, the story of Essus and Moura begins.

Both hailed from strong families, each with their own consorts. Essus was known for his quick wit, charm, and the strong gift of prophecy her bore. Moura was said to be the most beautiful in the land with eyes like hyacinth and her lips scarlet as the rowan berry. It was said the radiance of the moon was in her face, pride in her brows, and the light of wooing in her eyes. However, beauty wasn’t the only thing she was known for. Moura was a warrior as fierce as any Sidhe male.

When the two met, something like lightning struck between them. Drawn they were to each other, though promised to others. The peril of death and corruption spurned passionate feeling and the two could not deny themselves for long. They vowed their undying love to one another upon the hill of what is now Caer du Moura.

Alas, it was not a union to last. Eodyr, Essus’s wife grew sick with jealousy, and soon let the Miasma take her. She became the Banshee, a creature whose very wail stopped the living heart. She sought out the lovers to lay her vengeance upon them. Essus had become wounded in the battle and could not protect himself when the banshee raised her voice. Moura covered his ears but had nothing to deafen herself. Essus awoke to find his love slain by the creature once his wife. The Banshee, satisfied at the death and misery she has wrought, disappeared into the night, leaving Essus a lifetime of grief.

Essus returned to the hill of their declaration and built Caer du Moura in remembrance. Clan Essus has watched over the site ever since.

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