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Monday, June 30, 2014

All in the Cards: Tarot and The Devil

So, despite what you may think, tarot is not an ancient form of divination. The tarot deck was actually developed in Italy in the 1400s for the game of trumps. The allegorical pictures were added to the plain suited decks to spice them up. Leave it to Italy.

It wasn't until the mid 1700s that tarot cards became a popular form of divination. The pictures began to take symbolic meanings. The first book on cartomancy was written in 1770 by Jean-Baptiste Alliette, or Etteilla as he was know in the occult world. Etteilla was a pioneer in developing a new form of fortune telling.

Today many people use tarot as a fun game of fortune telling or to even help guide them through the hard decisions in life. Of course, in my book tarot cards play a more important role in the story. In my up coming book, A Dose of Brimstone (Release 2014), a new character lays out the cards. Because I love anything with an occult flavor, no matter when it developed, I have been drawing my own tarot cards. Last year I created the Devil for A Prescription for Delirium. This year I plan to continue expanding the deck, starting with the cards will appear in A Dose of Brimstone.

The Devil:
By me
Actual Meaning:
The Devil is the 15th card of the Major Arcana, and is associated with Earth and Capricorn. Though many decks portray a stereotypical Satan figure for this card, it is more representative of bondage to material things than an evil persona. It also indicates an obsession or addiction to fulfilling our own Earthly desires. Should the Devil represent a person, it will most likely be one of money and power, one who is persuasive, aggressive, and controlling. In any case, it is most important that the querent understand the ties that bind are worn freely.

VHO World Meaning:
The approach or evidence of a supernatural evil influence in the querent's life. This usually means a demon, but can also represent a malevolent spirit or a vampire perhaps.

So, Once I finish I will be posting my new cards here in a series.

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  1. This is fantastic! I can't wait to have a full set of them. Is it too spoilery to ask which will be appearing next?