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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Supernatural Season 6 Makes Me Want to Cry

Warning* This blog contains some spoilers of the show Supernatural.

For the past few years I have avoided watch season 6 and beyond of the series Supernatural. I LOVED the first five seasons and felt they told a great tale about family, sacrifice, and kicking monster ass. Most shows tend to falter and fizzle into a story of the week sort of thing. Supernatural didn't because I believe Eric Kripke had a plan. That plan ended with season five and he left the show. However, it still continued, badly.

I finally broke down and watched season six out of morbid curiosity. Who were these characters? They certainly weren't the ones I'd grown to love during the first fives seasons, though they were still great to look at. It felt like the writers were really reaching to bring the plot lines together? What was the point of the episode with fairies? Let's give Sam and Dean something they haven't fought? Also, it took the breaking of 66 seals to open Lucifer's Box and 4 rings of the Horsemen to close it. Someone explain how Castiel can open the door and let Sam out without Lucifer or Michael noticing.

All in all, the season was completely lackluster. It got better toward the end, but I would only rate it to be about the same level as the beginning of Season 3. I watched the beginning of Season 7 and had another What the Fuck? moment. Why the hell would Dean bow down to Castiel when he said fuck you to every other Supenatural creature that wanted him to submit?

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  1. I completely agree. Supernatural should have ended with season five! I somehow managed to stomach seasons 6-7, but didn't bother to watch season 8. I'm choosing to believe that the season 5 finale is the series finale now...

    1. I heard season 8 was better than 6-7, not sure at the moment though. I may go back to believing it ended with season 5.


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