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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Supernatural Hunting Armory: Knives and Swords

I know what you're thinking. Swords? How antiquated. But sometimes a bullet just won't cut it with a supernatural creature. I mean, have you ever seen a vampire die to bullet wounds? If so, it's rare. Sometimes you can accept no substitutions for a good beheading. And if whatever you're hunting is still alive after having its head removed from its shoulder, well, you should run.
A Bowie Knife

So, we'll start with knives. While not the best for beheading, they are easier to conceal than a sword and can do some damage, such as the Bowie knife. This type was actually popularized and named after Colonel James "Jim" Bowie.
A Machete

Standing somewhere between a knife and a sword is the machete. This is a 12-24 inch cleaver like blade which was used to cut through rain forest undergrowth and cutting sugar cane. However, it is considered a sword because several militias and guerrillas have used it as a sword. In fact, the Brazilian Army's instruction for Jungle warfare developed a "jungle kit" that includes a 10 inch machete, a 5 inch Bowie knife, and a sharpening stone. Because of it's cleaver like blade it it perfect for separating the head from the shoulders of any pesky monster.
A "broadsword" with basket-hilt

In the Kate Daniels series, written by Ilona Andrews, Kate uses a broadsword names Slayer. Which she does a lot of. While she is not a hunter, she is a mercenary that tends to go after monsters. She uses Slayer very proficiently. Broadsword is a tern used for basket-hilted sword that became popular in the mid 16th century. It was termed broadsword because the blade was wider than that of the rapier which was also popular during that time.
A Sundang

And the last one I'm going to mention is the sundang, which Gabby from "A Prescription for Delirium" uses. The sundang is actually a sword variation of the kris or keris blade. Keris blades are more of a rapier. The sundang has a straight or sinuous blade and a particular hilt. It has almost lost its point so it is better for slicing that thrusting. Gabby practice Eskrima, usually with her sungdang and a knife in her offhand. Good for lots of bloodletting.

What swords or knives do you thing would work well for hunting supernatural creatures?

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  1. Such a great rundown on some of the knives and swords characters can use! I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to weapons like this, so I really can't say what would be best for hunting supernatural creatures, but since those creatures always vary greatly in folklore, there's probably more than one that works well, anyway!

    1. So true Heather. What would work on a Vampire (stakes) won't work on a werewolf. Thanks for commenting!

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