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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Post: S.M. Boyce

Isen: A Chilling New Breed of Evil

What would you do if your soul was trapped in another’s body—and they could use the skills and knowledge you've built thus far in your life? What if they could don your appearance at any time, live your life if they wanted, and you could only watch?

That’s exactly what isen—soul stealers from the world of the Grimoire Trilogy—do every day. Each soul makes an isen more powerful, but comes at a price: the souls rattle around in the isen’s head, driving them slowly insane. To remain immortal, the isen has to keep stealing...if they don't, they grow old and eventually die. 

Seeing the barb in an isen’s palm reaching out to steal your soul is the surest sign you’ll be trapped as their slave until they die. Want to learn about them anyway? Check out Lichgates (Grimoire Trilogy #1) to get hooked.

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S.M. Boyce is a fantasy and paranormal fiction novelist who also dabbles in contemporary fiction and comedy. She’s a sarcastic twit, but her friends seem to like her anyway. She updates her blog ( a few times each week so that you have something to wake you up in the morning (who still uses coffee?). Her B.A. in Creative Writing qualifies her to serve you french fries.


  1. Sounds like a pretty cool read! I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing it! :D