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Monday, May 21, 2012


This is a short story but another wonderful person on Twitter: J. Scott Sharp. You can follow him @JScottSharp.

Premise (Taken from Goodreads): Roger met Libby for the first time and would do anything to be with her. She's beautiful and popular. He and his best friend are not. Quite the opposite. But then his friend tells him a secret and Roger's whole life goes into a tailspin that he may never get out of.

It could be a matter of life and death.

The Good:

Love Triangle: Ah yes, we've seen them everywhere. However, Mr. Sharp provides a fresh view of the love triangle. This time the story comes from the point of view of one of the pursuers not the pursued. I like the take because it let you see in the eyes of someone else.

Main Character: I really enjoyed Roger. I could put myself into his shoes. It really took me back to being in high school (Not sure if that is a good thing). I could also relate to his dilemma over Libby.

The Plot: It was simple which is perfect for a story this length. It did not have anytime to get me confused with other subplots.

The Bad:

Character Motivations: At times I had to question the character motivations fo David and Libby. However, I know this a short story and I could probably understand where they were coming from more if it had been longer.

Overall: This is great short story. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something they can read in one sitting. I'm looking forward to reading more on Mr. Sharp's work.


  1. That's the only down side to short stories. Sometimes it's hard to get the motivation clear because there's a word count limit.

  2. Thanks Noree for reviewing "Not Even There" I really appreciate it! :)